Our Work


Atomized believes every story has a right to be told

We are in the middle of a video content revolution that is challenging the traditional advertising model. Smart clients today don’t just want to be advertisers. They want to be content creators, producers, publishers and editors – so that they can tell their stories in the most relevant and engaging ways that go far beyond the restrictions of the traditional advert.

We work with our clients to create compelling web and broadcast series that they own and control. We then distribute those series internationally through our network of broadcast channels and web sites.

This way of working builds a content library for our clients, delivers broadcast level production standards, rich audience engagement and high media value – at a highly competitive cost and in a very collaborative way.

With clients that range from British Gas and Barclays to The River Cafe and Elite Model Management we know that the editorial approach is the most effective form of marketing – so please get in touch if you want to find out more.